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With Low investment – Amazon Germany is the way to go!

Amazon Germany, as the second-largest Amazon marketplace after the US, is the heart of the European Amazon battlefield. It might all sound complicated to you now, but once you have set up your system, it will run as smoothly as your current Amazon business. Therefore, I strongly suggest starting with Germany!

If you look at in the German Marketplace against many high traffic keywords – the Ease to rank is way too low as compared to USA and UK but why people are not selling it when this is obvious – the hurdle is that you have to get Tax Certificate against your company before you start selling it. – There are plenty of lawyers and accountants who can do it for you – you can find many from Google.

I know we always look at options of getting the easy way out but why not we look at a little complicated way since we know only a few people opt-in for that and potential will be higher with low investment!

Saqib Azhar