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Fine Arts

Bring out your hidden potential to become an artist and unlock your earning potential with the artistic skill that you’re passionate about.

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Mandala Art

Become an expert in mandala art and learn the skill of creating fabulous mandala patterns that can give recognition to your artistic profile.

Abstract Art

Become a leading abstract art expert and rejoice from bringing life into abstracts with perfectionism and elegance in finesse beyond explanation.


Get hands-on experience in becoming an all-hands painter and learning the basics and advanced levels of painting to adopt as a career for your needs.

Acrylic Portrait painting

Be an expert in acrylic/oil painting and learn how to create oil paintings with getting expertise in handling brushes and types of oil paints.


Learn the basics of drawing and then advance to greater levels of detailing while creating appealing drawings for multiple domains.

Water Color Painting(Still Life)

As with all other Art Fundamentals, the use of color is something that most skilled artists continue learning about and improving upon throughout their journeys.